EinsteinPy Geodesics

EinsteinPy Geodesics is an addon package for EinsteinPy, that wraps over Julia’s excellent DifferentialEquations.jl suite and provides a python interface to solve for geodesics in Kerr & Schwarzschild spacetime. EinsteinPy is an open source pure Python package, dedicated to problems arising in General Relativity and Gravitational Physics. As with EinsteinPy, EinsteinPy Geodesics is released under the MIT license. The source code of einsteinpy_geodesics can be viewed here.

This package makes use of the Kerr super-hamiltonian (See Gravitation Ch. 33, MTW), and DifferentialEquations.jl’s HamiltonianProblem type to automatically derive the dynamical equations and solve for Kerr geodesics. Since, Schwarzschild spacetime is a limit of Kerr spacetime, Schwarzschild geodesics can also be calculated. Below, we present some of the geodesic plots, made using einsteinpy and einsteinpy_geodesic.

Kerr Constant Radius Orbit Animation Kerr Null-like Frame Dragging Schwarzschild Precession

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